Andi Cruz
Emma season 3
Birth 1999.c (15 years old)
Nickname Tank Girl
School Iridium High
Resides in Miami FL
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Unnamed Dad

Unnamed mom

Friend Emma Alonso (best friend)

Daniel Miller (friend/teammate)
Diego Rueda (friend/teammate)
Mac Davis (friend/former teammate)
Tony Myers (friend/former teammate)
Jax Novoa (frenemy/teammate)
Maddie Van Pelt (frenemy)

Romance Philip (ex-boyfriend)
Physical Appearance
Height 5'5
Hair color Brown with blonde highlights and purple streaks
Eye color brown
First Appearance Discovery
Last Appearance TBA
Portrayed by Daniela Nieves


Andi meets Emma, her new best friend when she moves to town. Andi helps Emma unpack as she lives down the street. When Andi finds out that Emma has powers, they try to rule the school but they then find out that Maddie also has powers. Throughout the season, Emma and Andi discover more about Emma and her powers. They also find out that The Principal and Maddie have powers of their own and defeat her in the finale.


Andi has olive skin, brown hair with blonde and purple streaks. She has a tomboy style, unlike Emma who dresses more girly and preppy. She has an edgy fashion sense too.


Andi is fearless tomboy who isn't scared of anything, not even Maddie. She's always there for her best friend Emma and isn't afraid to take a risk and not let anyone take Emma's powers.


Emma AlonsoEdit

Even though Emma and Andi are polar opposites they're still best friends. They care about each other and are great friends as well. Andi helps Emma with her spells and gives advice to her. In Season 2 they fell out because of an incident with Philip and Andi tells Emma that she doesn't want to be her sidekick anymore but they forgive each other in I'll Stop the World when Andi and the Panthers help Emma and Daniel get out of The Abyss.

Maddie Van PeltEdit

Andi and Maddie were enemies in Season 1 but in Season 2, Andi persuades the Panthers to work together to help save Emma and Daniel in the Season 2 finale.