Season 1 is the first season of every witch way and the mysterious out of all the seasons and have 20 episodes.

Main CastEdit

Image Episode no Actors Description
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 Episode 1

*Paola Andino
*Nick Merico
*Daniela Nieves
*Paris Smith
*Tyler Alvarez
*Autumn Wendel
*Denisea Wilson
*Kendal Sanders
*Mavrick Moreno
*Zoey Burger
Emma Alonso a new girl in Miami Florida, meets new students and strange things start to happen learning she's a witch. Her best friend Andi, (a tomboy) is Emma's best friend. Her crush Daniel is the captain of The Sharks and Maddie's ex-boyfriend. Emma and Maddie soon become Enemies when Maddie wants to get back together with Daniel after he dumps her. Daniel and Emma start to have feelings for each other as well.Daniel Shows Emma Around the school