The Big rescue
The Big Rescue
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date January 2 2014
Written by Catharina Ledeboer
Directed by Arturo Manuitt & Leonardo Galavis
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Discovery The Big Chill


Emma and Maddie struggle to master their powers after discovering that they are witches. The Sharks set off a smoke bomb to get out of taking a test.


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  • Emma and Maddie learn that they're both witches in this episode.
  • It is revealed that their spells work only if it rhymes.
  • Emma turns Andi into a goat.
  • Maddie calls her mom crazy after she calls her a witch.
  • Maddie casts a spell on the bathroom door to trap Emma inside.
  • Daniel finds Emma and breaks the locks to get into the bathroom to save her.
  • Emma transports herself to the pool.
  • When Emma comes back from the pool Daniel hugs her.